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Profit With ORIGINAL Information eBooks 2022-08-26 2:00:17 PM

With the thousands of eBooks that come out in a 12 month period, you'd think it'd be really easy to write one. But, as the creator of several unfinished manual works (all over 50 - 100 pages), I can tell you from experience that it's not. And I'm well-armed with my topics, sub-sections, and major points connected to all ideas involved. The hardest part isn't coming up with an original infomation eBook. It's the completion of the ENTIRE project. Because, the overall project isn't just the eBook produced. There's the salescopy on the salespage that has to be created and polished, as well as the delivery system as well as the promotional structure along with a group of other concerns facing the independant info-product creator in the quest to create a unified project package.

You have no dearth of inspirational source materials as they can be obtained via document repositories (Scribd, et al), file sharing sites, and search engine indexes. With fledgling and established authors only too happy to give away free, targeted content, you have the building blocks of research on many niches of interest. What you want to do is to stick to evergreen niches centering around your interests so you're able to write quickly and authoritatively to publish high-quality material that helps lodge that content in the search engines under your keywords of choice. As well as giving your information eBook traction for search queries, your product will attract the organic traffic that includes many pre-qualified buyers and may help convert an initial one to four percent for your info-product.

Of course you're going to write about subjects close to your heart and interesting enough to you that you could write for days on it, but it's good practice to get out of your comfort zone and write about the not-so-familiar. In fact, it can pay handsomely if you put a decent amount of research into it. But you're cautioned to stay within evergreen niche categories in order to ensure that there's either a large or laser-focused audience surrounding it so you have a fair chance to profit from the creation of of your original information eBook. There's nothing worse than getting halfway through a product generation attempt and then realizing that with some prep research you wouldn't have the makings of a failed, non-starter of a project.


Content Author

Mr Lee Davis is the owner/admin of Promodrone, an alternative to the Safelist, TE, and PTC site type destination for news, advertising, marketing, promotion, and traffic provision services. More info can be found at the site

Make Money As An Affiliate...NOW! 2022-08-26 12:50:47 PM
To be honest, the best way to proceed if you don't care about having your own "thing" (i.e. a focused, niche-oriented website with dedicated SEO for healthy rankings, leading to buyer traffic), affiliate programs are the way to go and can EASILY be scaled up to the multimillion-dollar level with dedication and focus.

All that's required to keep it from turning into a soul-sucking nightmare that seems worse than a 9-to-5 is to go with your PASSION...pick something that you find yourself either thinking about, talking about, or performing a (by-choice) repetitive action for on a daily basis, and you'll have your initial areas of interest. The key to leveraging profit from this approach is to be as familiar as possible with the subject matter that you're able to spot trends, problems that need solutions, or any other exploitable information to make it that much easier to promote products and services more likely to help your bottom-line. A codified example would be a Clickbank affiliate searching for products in their niche of interest or operation and picking products with the highest gravity, best payout, and closest match to the needs of their market.

Before you start, there are two innate challenges most affiliates don't stop to consider in the mad content submission shuffle, or the advertising website crawl, or dash to Social Media blather. First you'll need to fortify your affiliate IDs to shield them from unscrupulous commission thieves who'll cut you out of the loop and actually pay themselves on your behalf! Crazy, right? But, it happens daily. Your best bet in guarding against this involves coding, placed in the head section of whatever type of web page you use (whether .html or .php - example in HTML5, change to suit page type usage);

< !doctype html >
< html lang="en" >
< head >
< meta charset="utf-8" >
< title >Your Affiliate Offer Title< /title >
< meta name="description" content="Your Affiliate Page Description" >
< meta name="author" content="Your Name Here" >
< meta content="keywords" name="Your Comma-separated Keywords Here" / >
< meta content="follow" name="robots" / >
< meta content="7 days" name="revisit-after" / >
< meta content="Global" name="distribution" / >
< !-- IE HTML5 shim: -- >
< !--[if IE] >
< script src="" >< /script >
< style type="text/css" >
.clear { zoom:1;display:block; }
< /style >
< ![endif]-- >
< /head >
< body >
< frameset >< frame src="Your Affiliate Offer URL Here" >< /frameset >
< /body >
< /html >

This helps with those in a competitive position with you who'd think nothing of just simply replacing their ID with yours on the same product, then making proxy-cloaked purchases from themselves and pocketing the commission (then, probably profiting simply by running the purchased files through multiple URL shorteners and spreading it like a virus on Blackhat sites). The frame in the body section of the web page is pointed at the affiliate offer page, meanwhile your website URL will appear in the address bar rather than your affiliate ID. As a result of this, you're now free to run ads on sites and drive buyer traffic to your offers without even needing a website or getting your ad flagged and removed because it's for an affiliateship.

As there are thousands of freebie webhosts that you can get accounts with almost instantly, feel free to use the cut-and-paste coding above in any of them to channel your offer for instant landing pages. Extend this approach by tying the web hosting account to a domain name if you're interested in branding purposes. With many penny- and dollar-domains available for purchase, this is a luxury if you feel this avenue is the one to go down. The subdomain provided by the freebie web hosting company should suit your requirements nicely. And with the plethora of affiliate sites (as mentioned, Clickbank, or Commission Junction, or JVZoo, or any of the others that could be located via the query, "affiliate networks", or "affiliate memberships"), there are no shortage of outlets for potential profit.

Hate Your Life (But Have Balls...)? 2022-03-18 12:05:29 PM

Do you believe it's both possible to break into the world of Web Development and Design AND make more money online than many of those already freelancing currently? Just read along with this step-by-step method to see how possible it is! Before you start, you'll need to download one of two freeware programs (or both, if you so choose as they're really excellent);

  1. 1) ESCAdPoster -

    ESC AdPoster automates posting classified ads to various sites. You generate the ad with relevant info, input contact details, choose your categories, then start the automatic posting process. ESC AdPoster comes with a huge database of popular classified adsites by region and topic, although you are easily able to add any sites you currently use.
  2. 2) Fahmy Link Manager -

    The Fahmy Link Manager holds a list of all your sites like a bookmark program. Even better, you have slots for site types like Classified Ads, Directories, Ping Servers as well as other site categories

Once you've made your choice, install and get inputting your different classified ads site accounts. What you want to do is concentrate on your surrounding local areas (at first - as you grow your completed portfolio, you can stretch out as far as you want - even internationally) as you'll be having people contact YOU. Stress in the ad, for all interested parties, that they need to TEXT you only and that all calls are ignored. The following template will be the copy of your ad that drives business directly to you;

Title: Website with Custom Domain and Hosting only $XXX?!?!?

Body: If you DON'T have a website with a custom domain name and hosting,
you may as well just reach in your pockets and give your hard-earned
cash to the competition! Think that Social Media page is adequate for
your business needs? You'll be out-of-business...QUICK (don't just
take my word for it, check how many missing pages litter Social sites).

You and I BOTH know your business needs a stable online footprint of
its' own, and this is EXACTLY the type of deal you need to help foil
competitors and shine like a diamond! Text to the number provided;

  1. 1) Your name
  2. 2) Your Email
  3. 3) Your callback #
  4. 4) Your business category
  5. 5) Your desired delivery time

All Payments Via PayPal Prior To Website Delivery, Please...

You want customers that are able to both follow directions and respect your boundaries. Nothing is more annoying than dealing with an individual that either has no idea of what they want, or an over-expectant person that wants the moon for five dollars. At this point, you may be feeling the birth pangs of panic as you realize that you may be out of your depth. Like Chris Penn says to Michael Madsen in Reservoir Dogs, "You ain't gonna lift s***...".

And you won't need to, as it'll all be taken care of by your tools. Using Web 2.0 website builders (like Wix, Weebly, et al), you have all the drag-and-drop functionality at your fingertips to construct a site from any of the builder templates offered. As these sites make building into an intuitive exercise for even a scared beginner, depending on your level of creativity, you could have a polished, professional-looking demo site to preview to potential customers contacting you for their businesses in less time than the daily commute of your average cubicle hostage.

Web 2.0 website builders eliminate the need for HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL and a host of other coding skills so you can concentrate on making the best mockup to help the potential customer decide on you as their best bet. If you DO have web skills, it'll be trivial to hookup any of the previously-mentioned coding in service of making the end-product brawnier (if you so choose). BUT, make sure anything extra than the HTML/CSS shell being provided by your website builder is discussed beforehand and NEVER adopt any coding requests above any of the skill levels you possess. Once the demo mockup is done, simply mail them the link and it's up to them to decide if they want the site or not.

If your demo represents what they need, they'll get back to you with a PayPal payment (which you'll be notified of via your PayPal email as well), and their stipulations for delivery. Using this method, you can potentially make as much money as you need weekly, BUT, if you're both crafty AND speedy, it's possible to clock a few hundred dollars DAILY! Although this depends on your work ethic.

With both of the previously-mentioned freeware applications, you're able to auto-submit to as many classified ad accounts as you possess. If you're just starting the whole process, do yourself a favor and use a Gmail account (if you have one already, setup ANOTHER account - which is TOTALLY allowed by their Terms of Service (TOS) user agreement) to deal with the barrage of confirmation emails that will be clogging your inbox.

Conventionally, this is the end of our clever methodology, but there are those readers who'll need another way to max out their ROI to advance it to the next level. Earlier on, you were cautioned to start locally, then internationally in this process, and that leads us to a natural barrier when dealing with classifieds. Naturally, you'll get jacked by the site itself if you try to stray out of your local area and post the same ad elsewhere. That's about as good an idea as wearing honey all over yourself for a Summer Bear Country jaunt. Deletion is the end result of this ill-conceived gambit, with account dissolution as leverage for all sites in question. In order to max this out, think like a content freelancer.

The best freelancer knows how to sell the same article numerous times if they've mastered the spun arts. Article spinners can be a writers' best friend in a pinch like this. They allow you to replace all the words that can be synonymized, and give truly gifted writers dominance over their chosen marketplace. Using a spinner will help you develop as many versions of your ad as you can stand to create in one or multiple sittings. In fact, you'll want to go with Free Article Spinner ( as an online tool as it includes proofreading functionality.

It should be fairly easy if you have even decent writing abilities to generate a few dozen versions of the same ad. BUT... even with "unique" titles and descriptions for them all, your ad will be "ghosted" (deleted) as sure as the sunrise if you include the same URL landing target. No, you'll need to get creative by using website, blog and video sharing destinations from which you can then funnel to your chosen location.

Now, even with no web or content skills, you have a way to compete with those who do as you'll be undercutting them severely in both the cost and speed aspects, which will endear you to those whose projects you complete flawlessly and earn their coveted bestowal of the "Word-Of-Mouth" induction into their circle of influence. To get ahead of the game before the first ad even goes out, experiment with about 5-to-7 different demo types according to which business categories you're targeting so you're able to up the ante and have choices for the potential customer to pick from. Remember to work SMART, not hard!

Now, get to woik...

Make Money Online!


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