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This is NOT your typical {safelist advertising|traffic exchange|viral mailer}-type site. In fact, a game change is afoot in the solo ad network ecosystem which will allow you the benefit of UNLIMITED ad posting without the reciprocal nightmare of the receipt of 100s of 1000s of emails clogging up your inbox by-the-week (which any self-respecting email marketing pro with dozens-upon-dozens of accounts knows is best left to the app Fast Traffic Bot™).

These sites tend to cost TIME while hindering any ability to make money at-will. NONE of these sites pay any of the userbase except in such a small incrementage ($0.0001 & up 🥺 - if you're lucky), giving you no incentive to read many of the solo ads barrage-mailed in reckless, fey disregard of marketer budget, need, interest, or niche orientation.

Whether you expect to sell either personally-generated or big-ticket affiliate products and/or services, you won't need to bulk up on credits as you can submit advertising by-the-boatload, day or night without artificial mailer pauses or needing to have a downline or any of those old, antiquated limitations used as a lever to get you to upgrade posthaste!

This isn't the usual no-cost click-per-email solo advertising to "Buyer Traffic" where the "guaranteed clicks" you don't pay for end up costing you...over and over again! NO. This is member-oriented advertising submission and traffic generation with a double-dip of awesome sauce where you really get what you need without paying in TIME just to get it!

You need these sites to deliver results for all your LEAD GENERATION activities monetized via bribe incentives offered post-registration. Don't waste time incurring upgrade costs common to this network to monetize your participation in their lead capture system. You want to submit and promote your sites, not enable their greedy-ass piggybacking!🤣

The SOLE pursuit is the construct of a BUYER LIST responsive to any of your product/service offers, repeatedly, ad infinitum. That's why your focus should always be on a solid rapport with your list to bring them as much quality as possible so that their belief in your "Trust/Authority" quotient is as profitable as an upgrade in the network ecosystem.

Which is why it's worth it in the majority of the network sites to offer a starting bounty of an "ad package" and additional promocodes to enable your initial servitude in exchange for the sending of a few thousand commercial emails to a list of rank, unknown responsivity.

Any promissory statements in regard to any particular results from using this commercial message distribution email list can't and won't be offered. It can only be what YOU make of it; appropriate, high-quality offer posting minus email blizzards and clicking for credits for an added value of the subtraction of any and all "Tire Kickers" from the equation!



This Ads & Traffic site is actively promoted within multiple external networks outside the business domain. With the number of network connections, you can be certain that many others eyeballs out there will be pointed in the direction of your premium offers. Since the consideration of pricing doesn't exist for the userbase, actual result delivery from the external networks is the only metric chased here.👁‍🗨👁‍🗨👁‍🗨👁‍🗨

Using this site costs nothing in money and VERY LITTLE in Time investment, but offers extremely valuable advertising and marketing exposure, twenty-four hours a day. In addition, access to information on exactly how to generate Buyer Traffic, how to locate and exploit all the commercially-necessary resources to really let your Entrepreneurial impulses flourish, and how using these tools and relevant info is worth ACTUAL money to you!


DirectoryInvade: Strictly speaking, this is a directory submission application. As a defunct, abandoned software, crazy thing is it's STILL compatible with Windows 10 (tested, working)/11 . The functionality that keeps this current for use is the ability to import external text files into the application of lists of sites to submit to. This enables you to submit to Safelists, Traffic Exchanges, Adboards, Classified Ad sites, or any other site type in the network ecosystem. In itself, this is a HUGE asset. As well, this is a site checker to prune your multiple scalar-based lists of advertising & traffic site resources.

Directory Web Traffic V1: ANOTHER defunct, abandoned software compatible with Windows 10 (tested, working)/11, this directory submitter app has a built-in list of 200-plus sites to submit your website to all appropriate income creation category. You're also able to inject a custom list into this rolodex-like software with as many as your computer has memory for (comes with an illustrated manual to dispell usage confusion).

Instant Lead Magnet: As a self-contained lead generation device, this application is designed to help you generate sales and customers quickly and effortlessly. You can also import info from your target lead generation mining sources. Put your listbuilding on steroids by being able to also mail your prospects from the app as well!

Worldwide BizOpp Ad: This service has been around a loooooooong time. Ads go out in under 24 hours and only buyer traffic from high traffic advertising resources is solicited. As a bonus incentive, get a text ad link on the domain home page as well as a deluxe classified ad based on that same link on the ✍World 2.0 Adboard™✈, which is advertised externally also.


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