800-LB. Gorilla Marketing

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Turn Your Opt-In Offer Into An 800-LB. Gorilla!

There are no more incentives for online purchasers to give you their primary email anymore. And you can't even blame them with the repeated abuse they've had bestowed upon them over the past two decades of Online Marketing. Opt-ins are generally ignored, if not ruthlessly exploited then devalued (resulting in constant list monitoring vigilance).

Your offer has to absolutely laser-target their pain center(s) and offer them a "For Dummiesâ„¢", step-by-step roadmap for its' removal. So how do you go from being routinely ignored and drowned out by the white noise signal chain that comprises Marketing currently? By going back-to-basics to turn your opt-in offer into an 800-lb gorilla. One way is to include related benefits with your opt-in. Say you're giving away a list of URL resources having to do with information submission.

How much more responsive do you think that potential opt-in would be if they knew that a related submission software was included to both help make their life easier and ensure that they benefitted from that opt-in they recieved in exchange for joining your list? Because you took that small, extra step, you imbued your opt-in offer with a higher degree of percieved value as you're helping to save time by offering a way for that incentive to be leveraged. And that degree of higher percieved value is going to translate into the sense of Trust and rapport that you need to have with a mailing list for it to be maximally-profitable to you as an owner.

Just this tiny shift in effort is sure to have a positive impact on your ability to attract quality list members. Really examine the type of opt-in items you're offering as another measure of how you set yourself apart from the rest of the field. Take a few hours to examine what your niche competition is giving away. It's easy to hit a few safelists and/or traffic exchanges to get a general overview. When you can ascertailn what the top movers and shakers are, do yourself a favor and search out these categorized items in code repositories like Sourceforge, Codeforge (registration to download), and Github as these places have scripts and software equal or superior to much of what is available to online marketers without the arm-and-a-leg price level (being freely downloadable).

Newsletters, free multipart courses, e-books, content-rich articles, and downloadable items are only going to motivate a small percentage of the general marketing public to join your for-profit list in and of themselves. You're going to need to up your game and get creative - turn your opt-in offer into an 800-lb. gorilla by going the extra length that you know the competition will not. Just look at the number of opt-in pages for any random, cheesey, fly-by-night info-product that exists currently being hyped by a thousand clueless marketers.

No one ever bothers to even so much as change headers, graphics, salescopy, or footers, resulting in precious few signups for the associated course and even less sales of the pathetic drivel of a so-called product. High-quality graphics aren't hard to come by, and the complete customization will help drive opt-in numbers since it happens to look like a completely different product. Manipulating the sense of level of percieved quality is another simple tweak oft-ignored by the "magic bullet" marketing set. And another example of how you can simply set yourself apart from the background noise.

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