Traffic Exchanges (USUALLY) Suck

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Never use a resource that costs more to use in terms of either your Time or Effort. Manual traffic exchanges have got to be one of the worst ideas in terms of online advertising models. Their very existence is the complete efficiency of the notion of time-suck. Some sites, like Free Safelist Mailer, are an inbox nightmare of a resource hoard trap. Requiring only free members to accept 100 mails daily (as a minimum), a regular work-week (7 days) amounts to 700 emails, adding up to as much as 2800 emails monthly! And with them having a non-automation friendly setup (meaning programs like Safelist Pirate and Fast Traffic Bot will never work), it's both a real investment of (and infringement upon) your time that's only remediated by your upgrade expenditure (fair enough, as EVERYONE has to eat daily). And having previously been a free member for more than a few years, I was just tired of having to scan and delete the majority of their marketing-related emails.

It was pretty much a done deal for the other sites like this previously-utilized. Requiring a lighter, faster advertising portfolio, I decided to stick to the theme of Selfishness. I'm going to test traffic systems ruthlessly until I get the results I want. Then, AND ONLY THEN, do I feel that it's worth upgrading for the other offered benefits when these systems bring me either cash or leads. It took me a good while to compare and test and eliminate until I was able to find resources that, even though they'd been established relatively recently, they're of maximum desirability and add flexibility to my campaigns.

Having been face-smashed in the attempt to find a current, working safelist submission software application (of which, I'm burnt that the only one I saw recently that I really liked, there was no way to raise the person that made the YouTube™ video), and the best working compromise I could come up with is an out-of-date, elderly-ass application that actually still works well (AND with Windows 10!) named AdSubmitter.
Released in 2009, the company went belly-up, but luckily, left a freeware version out on the market which works extremely and reliably well. Providing semi-automated submissions to groupings like classified ads and ping sites, there is an option to define your own submission site category as well. Excellent as a White-Hat, SEO tool, the fact that it has some missing functionalities, isn't enough to devalue the program one bit, and is an active part of my arsenal.

Satisfying my need for multiple, simultaneous email ad posting is Viral Mail Profits.
Viral Mail Profits
With up to 999 customizable slots, Viral Mail Profits is preloaded with a variety of safelist advertising sites. Making it easy for me to post to a number of sites I already have accounts with. Until I actually nail a proper safelist submitter software program, my needs are being met there. And with a healthy affiliate program, it DEFINITELY is one of my go-to resources that I plan to upgrade in even before it proves its' net worth to me. It's a superior example of a manual traffic exchange that works in your favor. My other choice of this site type resides over at Digiproducts. With a quick credit-timer, and other similar manual traffic exchange amenities, you're offered an unprecedented bonus as a member of the site.

The option to have four free gift slots to either give away or sell your products and services is one of the more priceless. Imagine, not only are you offered an amenity that is on par with either an upgrade or additional payment - PER GIFT SLOT - in many other traffic exchanges and safelists, but you are given multiple categories with which to track items into. You now have the means to profit twice from the same site. Not only as an affiliate, but also as an InfoPreneur or independent promotional entity representing your own interests. This is consistent with my personally-adopted theme of Selfishness. I'll be repping for both the VMP and DigiProducts affiliateships since they satisfy urgent operational requirements and aren't (in either case) manual traffic exchange time-sucks.

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