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The Online Marketer Reading Rainbow Roundup

As someone who probably has multimillions of digital products of all types and qualities, I'm always amazed at the level of shoddy workmanship that continues to plague the eBook publishing industry. It's as if they're trying to sabotage themselves with low- and no-informational content releases and vetting those with so-called names in the industry to do more of the same to the detriment of those lost and in need of step-by-step hand-holding.

I find myself gravitating towards freely-available information a little more in-depth and from independents who have some type of history in the industry and have affected me and my approach over the course of my time as a "N00B" in the Online Promotional niche. To anyone just starting out (or in the near-planning stages) would be advised to acquire these seminal (for me) works and commit them to both memory and action.

In fact, a few of the books on this list are from earlier in the last decade (2006 - 2008), but they still illuminate evergreen principles and therefore are still of maximum value to the searching reader. You'll just have to make equivalency adjustments for our current time-period and in cases where a particular trend or resource is referenced but has vastly evolved (or disappeared) since the time of its' mention. Let's grab the bull by the horns, Cowpokes...

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I actually have this eBook printed out in triplicate; a pristine saving/copying/scanning copy in full color, an emergency stash copy for if anything happens to the other two, and a dog-eared, marked-up, crazily-underlined, routine-stained work copy that I refer to almost on a daily basis. As a writer, this opened my eyes to the REAL nature of how to win, brute force, by dint of gales of content (and well-suited to my personal work ethic). Recommended.
I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how I got onto her and her ninja skills, but Merle dropped this one in the context of a list-type setting (is as much as I can was a loooonnng time ago, lol!), and I was like, "OOH! Better stash dis, hee, hee!"
I remember Mr. Parker from my JVGiveaway period (and one I need to get back to), and I remember someone dropping these tomes on my digital lap, and having my knees just about buckle under the sheer weight of the very resources themselves. I've kept and used them incessantly since 2007, and I'm trying to get it together so I can compile a grand index of free advertising avenues over the various niche range they exist in. I'm gonna shark biter the shit outta THIS classic.
I know for FACT I was definitely on this mans' list. Can't remember if I am still or not, but the point is, this is the very tome responsible for the birth structure of the very content marketing directory you're reading this article within. Known as the spearhead figure of the self-styled "White Hat Crew", Antone Roundy has carved out a place for himself not only as an ethical online marketing practitioner, but a coding denizen as well due his involvement in the Carp Evolution RSS project as well as few other different code and site creation skeins.
Have had this for awhile, but both the title and a skimmy perusal of the contents convinced me it was one to hang onto and consume in a time when I was ready to go forward with my whole infopreneur program. Even with another quick, current perusal, my opinion still holds fast.
Why? Because I SAID so, dangit (lol!)...This isn't just related content generated to support a Clickbank product (even if it REALLY is), but the first really revealing dissection about the strength of Personal Desire and its' furtherance by extention to Conscious Will. TL;DR? If you don't have a "Why?" for your Want, that Want goes wanting (lol!)...
Silverpop knows the subject matter from which it writes as they've now formed an open association (or been co-opted by) IBM as the recent announcement on their Twitter page indicates. I THINK I'm still following them...
Another book stashed away for the time when I really knew what I was doing...
Another encounter from my JVGiveaway heyday, Mieke was one who I felt was really doing the marketing thing correctly, with an innoncence and wonder that's a million miles away from the current climate of Online Marketing as it stands now.
So lucky I followed my impetus and grabbed a copy of this while it was made available as you can't even find a shred of reference to this in the Internet Archive. Proving indeed that, sometimes, things DO vanish without a trace, into thin air, even on the Internet. Possibly one of the bathetically- (NOT pathetically-) hilarious pieces on the age-old paradigm of the Socially-inept maladroit that manages by some twist of Personal Perception to destroy themselves down to the core essence of their being to then reconstitute into the accomplished "Buddah Badass". Poignantly biting, Dean spares no expense in mocking his pathetical Social standing as the Office Loser, and, quite frankly, is a harrowing personal narrative that any cubicle hostage looking to escape into IM could relate to on every existential level possible. I laughed until I wet myself.

Forget about that "must-have" info series on this or that. You've just been granted a required readings list that I wish someone had given me over thirty years ago when I first started the quest for informational empire (pre-Internet 1970s). I'd be the digital robber baron I am now; but twenty years earlier.


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