VRE Enterprise Reconstruction

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Virtual Real Estate Enterprise Reconstruction
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I was starting to get the reconfiguration itch; the urge to consolidate functionality and layout so that everything worked together synergistically. It all went rather faster than expected. What used to take a minimum of weeks is now down to days and hours on the developmental side now. I'm still laughing that anyone is still able to convince anyone that there's a real "done-for-you" system.

Do you know how much I'd love that? It'd be a dream-come-true. Fortunately, I was born of a pragmatic man who always barked on me to "learn the rules that govern the process" (so thankful for that repeated harrassment, lol!).

The main thing was to strip out unneeded elements, either redirecting them back into the stream they were supposed to serve, or eliminating/converting particular resources to lower the overall code weight. There are more extensions planned for the future, but the gist of the concern currently is member propagation.


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