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Meet The New Boss...

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Meet The New Boss...Same As The Old Boss

I have no idea if anyone is reading some of this fecal-mouthed spew, but I'm ready to renew my venom sacs to lace this joke of a Life that we've been confronted with this last past twelve months (In the tradition of realistic thought - startup metronomic anterior)

I don' give a fuck no mo' 'bout the lies they tell/And you kin stop scopin' me right now, I Ain' about yo Hell/You wanna see a helpess race, bagged up, locked up in a case/Disparities, the tooltastic horrific brain-mace/Well, you can fuck you, wit' yer lil' flattened buildings/The Souls that you took, on The Day of Judgement, will convict you/It ain' hard tuh see yuh runnin', scaredt, yuh ass all-aflame/When the Book is out, they ain' seein' yuh damn cursed name(s)/Y'all 'bout like them demons they freein'/All the new beasts with a time in the chamber/And rocketing out like bullets when they hit this dimension/Out to start warlike psychic attack/Black-hearted mischief, like a mushroom, funnel-shaped poisonous cloud of cridack/You don't believe the End?/Just like in the times of Noah, these days theys numbered/With rampant violence in the Earth, and cold-hearted bastards ready tuh sell theys unknown Moms fo' a berth/Believe it when mah Black ass tell yuh it gon' git worse

Yesssss; I'ma always be insane to match how this world it be is/But tryna cleave mah Black ass to the edge I no longer need it, see?/Be like George Raft, git a smack ohn dat azz/Be wearin' mo' than just a grapefruit when you git knocked off and fas'/No times fo' play/Tribulations comin' quick/With okey-doke from dress-wearin' bitches wit' unholy pee in thuh poke (Jada scream)/On Adversarial dead-assed gentalia they choke/And they got the nerve tuh claim obeisance tuh sumpin they be almost never believed in/Yeah, it People droppin' down like flies/Babies, Chitlins, an' Wimmens/While they sportin' solid-gol' crohsses lahk Piimpin'?/Washin' money fo' a principal livin'/Just a fuckin' sick joke, claimin' apex leverage over everything so-called "holy" (no, those demon aliens are NOTHING like my God, Liars!)

Fuck-That-Stale-Ass-Shit; I ain' goin' fo' it. It's time to brake with Tradition. When it no longer works, it's time for a Natural Death. Just like the same way that housepets are put to sleep when they have advanced terminal diseases (still heartbroken and missing my boykit I raised from my robe pocket :(.....). It's time for The Sleeper to awaken. Not that Hippy bullshit. More along the lines of concerned, yet aggressively active resistance to the advances of those advocating action benefiting the Greater Good. The snakes are back in what could be Paradise if not only for the fact of it's corruption by all the adherents...


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