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Microjob Freelancing Profile Elevation
SEOClerks Discussion Panel

What you are seeing in the image above is the posting panel for the Discussion Forum of SEOClerks. As one of the most trafficked microjobs freelancer site online currently (with Alexa clocking them in the top 25,000 sites online), there is fierce competition for the attention of buyers with lightning-strike chicken-headed job bidding.

I'm always amazed, though, at the fact that very few freelancers there seem to realize the enormous potential given to them in having a connected site forum.

One of the reasons many don't do well on these types of sites is because they forget that it's a game of being seen where you hope to sell. Many of the freelancers don't factor in that there are a lotta lurky-loos about, and they're searching for those offering quality of product and service as well as gauging them in their written-word performance.

Time and again, freelancers here (as well as numerous other microjob forum sites) shoot themselves in the foot with spectacularly-bad grammatical fails and other abuses that a Language Police is needed for (lol!). If I were a potential buyer, you could damn well be sure I'd be keeping my money in my pocket to put to use in other, better ways.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that in these places, you'd do well to keep on the professional mask and publish information and discussions beneficial to the community as well as your own selfish marketing schemes.

Don't just participate in forum discussions - CREATE YOUR OWN! Nothing shows you're on top of your game more than providing roadmaps for others to follow. And this is exactly how authority status is built. By constant publishing on the forums of the microjob sites you're selling on, you elevate your profile on that site effortlessly and help drive targeted buyers to your items.

Even within the forum, you can stand out from other posters by exploiting the native BBCode, which, again, most forum posters either aren't aware of or too lazy to put it to work for them. I first started doing this to be able to find my posts in a hot discussion thread, but then I realized I was the only one doing it (AND STILL AM NOW!!!!!).

The postings also serves to attract external audiences as well since, as previously-mentioned, Alexa rates SEOClerks as a traffic powerhouse and they're well-placed in the search engines. With the correct tags and categories, you'll be able to bring in even MORE eyeballs to your offers, giving you more selling possibilities.

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