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Make Your Articles SCREAM At The Reader!

Everyone knows that "content is king". No brainer, right? OK. But one of the things lost in the mix of the frenzied spielhump surrounding the software market dedicated to contents' generation, dissemination, and exploitation, is the ability to apply HTML formatting to the article elements related to text display. This is neglected time and again in the rush of submission-diarrhea related tools. If you care about trying to set yourself apart from the hordes of aspiring-to-work authors out there, you'll get with the program, and QUICK. HTML formatting can make your content actually come alive in for the readers' eye. THIS is the secret of adding punch to all your content output.

The main elements to be concerned with are;

They announce the topic of the paragraph(s) to follow.
The range - from largest to smallest:
(enclose above headings within '<' '>' and '<' / '>' brackets (remove apostrophes when using).

It can be controlled by two means; size, and font. And within the font parameter, you can add color as an affective property.

Usually, an article container isn't necessary since the medium that lets you web publish your content provides it for you. You can, however, custom format your paragraph containers using either the '<'P'>' or '<'div'>' tags. You also have power over placement as well -using "justify", "left", or "right".

The addition of images is easy also when you use the HTML formatting;
'<'img src=img/rtpz.jpg align="left" alt="pirate ship" title="rtpz.jpg" width="635" height="600" /'>'

results in:

The easiest way for you as an author to get a leg up on the competition, especially if you depend on freelancing as a revenue generation tactic. Utilize these techniques to further separate you from your competition.


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