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Promodrone Content Marketing Directory User Tutorial Manual

I've always hated it when I happened upon a site and, not even by looking at it or checking the long-tail keyword phrases and descriptions, could I actually telll what the site focal orientation was. Sad, but a reason why I decided to re-do the previously-available users' tutorial PDF from two-to-three incarnations of the site before. Now, I'm feeling like everything is nicely locked down as I had to actually go through the site with an eye towards a basic documentation of site features.

It all turned out pretty nicely (if I do say so myself, lol!), and was actually a speedy rewrite. I was prepared for another 2-to-3 day marathon, but, thankfully, my writing brain co-operation was optimal and I kept distraction to a bare minimum. This has mentally-rejuvenated my focus as I now have a codified roadmap of the directory and ideas on future expansion paths.

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