OpenMiniBlog 2.0

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Open Mini Blog 2.0

A PHP-driven, flat-file blog script, Open Mini Blog 2.0 is built by Scott Carmichael and was officially released on 2015-02-06;
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and in addition to providing standard blog functionality, can also play the role of a (limited) CMS website platform or even a knowledgebase - really, whatever your imagination can generate. Its' more salient features include full HTML tag support in post content, posting to a .txt file using only HTML/PHP for fast & easy backup, as well as a style and setting configuration file, and all clocking in at around 330 lines of code!

Recently, I needed to pare down my web operations, from an insanely-complex, secure and custom CMS to something a lot faster and non-MySQL-driven that allowed custom HTML to accomodate all my content posting templates;

which is operating beyond all expected capabilities.

Open Mini Blog 2.0 can still be found at and is available in a 3.0-version for those preferring usage of a MySQL database-driven alternative.

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