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Force-Choke Dominance

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Force-Choke Dominance (No Settlement)

Nothing less than full-blown submission, burnt and cauterized Will, is good enough to accept. The Weak = SHEEPLE; the fleecy mass who bleat repeatedly for freedom, willing to move not one iota toward any measure of actionation to gain them this vaunted ideal.

They are as cattle, letting themselves be herded to and fro on the most insubstantial of promises of greener grazing pastures whilst inexorably being led to their own slaughter to the satisfaction of cruel liars sopping up their never-ending torment to provide the lubrication for unending lives of privileged, vampiric lust.

They say they want to enjoy their lives of arrogant stupidity, to spend them with the other just-as-Weak to some small measure of satisfaction at their state of abject powerlessness. Any gesture toward releasing them from their state is met with the stubborness of a firmly-rooted Sequoia in the Earth itself. Theirs is a lot not remedied by their own suffering.

Logic and sense dictate that Pain is a sufficiently powerful enough motivator to drive a Human Being to seek out its' elimination. But, The Weak seemingly enjoy their self-inflicted torment. In some small way, the bondage to a lifestyle fraught with hopeless thrashings toward desperate ends is played out daily against the backdrop of countless mounting indictments of those with Authority trespassing against them egriegiously, are the fuel which help give some twisted validation to their vicious, self-imposed cycle.

Pity is not to be reserved for them. Only by emotional divorcement can one who would seek to walk amongst them in cloaked Power achieve their aims. Time and again, The Weak demonstrate their subservience to raw, naked Power, and the exercise thereof. They demonstrate their need for that humiliation daily; when Common Sense is repeatedly trampled in favor of base Stupidity, when the predatorily-powerful lie to the faces of The Weak time and again with no retribution from below, when materials crafted to help release them from their bondage are summarily ignored in favor of shiny, non-substantial, ineffective trendiness...

Only when you seek to rise up out of the peripatetic Victimhood that The Weak swaddle themselves with, will you be able to see the situation for what it truly is. Every which way you turn, the lack of empathy is the nurturing soil in which those who become disenchanted with their lot soon find accelerated growth. There is no succor for The Weak - only a rapid entrenchment of cancerous entitlement, fed by the numerous, acerbic bread-and-circuses they reserve themselves as vile distractions.