WTF Is THIS About?!?

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WTF Is THIS Bullshit All About?!?

YES!  'It Takes Money To Make Money' - PERIOD. But how far does one have to go to spend the money for needed resourcing, only to encounter problem after problem?!?

Case in point; I was having UNBELIEVABLE difficulty obtaining a decent leverage automation device for one of my foundation income profit projects and desperately needed an updated version of the previous software incarnations which led me to formulate the profit project in the 1st place.

The box cover listed above was my only option as I'd gone down the rabbit-hole of my own resourcing and experiences and had no other choice but to buy the software as the sales text told me eveything I needed to know and was the motivation behind my purchase. Having reviewed what services cost of what I needed done, the impetus was truly staggering;

And let's not even talk about the insane cost of just emailing;

I only paid $25 CAD altogether, but this fellow Tradebit Seller, has ensured I have to take Tradebit up on the money-back guarantee thing. And I'm now back to square one trying to find a safelist submission marketing software program as I'm a little stuck ATM...WTF is THIS shit all about?!?!? They don't make these programs anymore?!? This is insane that I'll probably have to googlehack up a copy of something from somewhere.

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