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How To Generate BUYER Traffic With Flickr

I don't know about you, but I wasn't ready for the fact that Flickr was offering 1 Terabyte of personal storage face with every account. SO heavy was the pronouncement on their front page when I was checking an (ancient) account, I immediately started in on rebuilding my whole profile over again as I had nothing since the snazzy update Flickr engineers applied to the environs. And what a new place it is with the addition of new features giving users more of a socialization of their image collections. Pathetically under-utilized as a major traffic spigot, you're actually given impressive leeway as far as being able to really leave your mark on your profile and actually be able to hyperlink to external resources which increases the pull of your images

You're able to leverage pre-qualified BUYER traffic if you compile the descriptive information areas for your respective images with relevant hyperlinks (albeit, nofollow) to the external resource conected to the published image. I started out about 2 days ago with just simply wanting to setup a quickie for a Fiverr promotion I'm currently running.

As you're able to link effortlessly, and with NO MODERATION WHATSOEVER, for instant publishing of your promotional endeavors.


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