Income Project Tracking Sector

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Income Project Tracking Sector

Since before 2018, my content strategy was to create tutorial-type information products to be monetized on the backs of URL shorteners and distributed via mass advertising sector targets with other VRE interests within those giveaway items.


At the moment, I'm up to seven items as I furiously quested for an original content inventory over the last few months. As I wrote in principal interest centers, I was able to finish and polish products almost effortlessly with concerted effort.


ADF.LY Self-Method - Working 100%

The source of the madness, here was where I came up with my freebie monetization practice. When this was finished, it was pretty easy to find the impetus for the next project.


Safelist Psycho

The most recent of the creations, it's actually stalling right now since I'm trying to max out the parameters of the resources discussed before I actually send out any messages. I still have almost 100 advertising sites to join and drown under (lol!).


Luckily, my email credit-clicking software has me covered. It took awhile to figure out the sweet spot for maximum message destruction and credit-harvesting. As it is, I can't rightly grow the safelist portfolio until I completely empty out my depot.


Now, to turn to the creation of other info-products suited more towards the microjob, and freelancing site traffic crowd. Now, it's just a matter of combing the computer and finding info to compile with neat graphics and other design.

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