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(Kinda) Happy(?)

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OOOOO...KAY...Is It OK If I'm (Kinda) Happy Right Now (lol!)?

So...what do I feel like I've accomplished in this (soon-to-be-past) year comprising 2017? Well, proudly, I've erected a domain/sub-domain publishing/sales VRE complex that I'm finally happy for the balance of coding orientation towards safety while (by virtue of myself being the only contributing member and the coding security measures I've enacted) enabling visually-rich presentational content.

Still populating the #eCommerce storefront, but, thankfully, there are only four more products to add before I hardcore it like I want to. All In good time. Still trying to keep a regular contribution schedule to both so I can finally grind up some PR so I can get those paid ad spots poppin' (fuck what Google says - they'll be payin', too (lol!)). Besides trying to keep the content quality super-high, it's important to contribute to a pool of hitherto-unknown knowledge in order that the reader is truly helped and not just trying to be randomly be selling them any ol' type of rank, smally (sic) bullshit (lol!). I've just learned to ask as little as possible as People really do know when it's actually WORTH the money - and WILL spend it if it's to the ends of a solution which spares them their current pain. Yeh...sounds good.