The REAL Success Secret...

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The REAL Success Secret Right Up Under Your Nose

It's really simple once you stop chasing all those gleamy carrots that master salespeople seem to have hanging around in their objection-damaging toolkit;

"You don't need to know HTML!"
"Try our all-done-for-you sales package!"
"Don't miss this and kick yourself!"

On and on they drone while scheming to keep you helpless and dependant on their wiles to advance to the lifestyle they're burning another hole in their own asses trying to sell you on.

It's not that they're necessarily evil (and some of them are just that), but with the pressure to generate success and online cash, many marketers are willing to do or say just about anything to get you to part with the pennies in your pocket.

I still laugh about a sales pitch I came across online years ago stating that a letter for $97 was guaranteed to make you a million dollars. Of course, the moron who represented this tried to snow everyone with trip photos purporting to be a direct result of the lifestyle they were enjoying as a result of it.

HOGWASH!!! Anyone can take photos or video at an exotic location and pass it off as the benefits of their prowess. Well, not anymore as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) put the kibosh on all those rented hoes-and-yacht party fake infomercials by classlessly-talentless marketer hacks trying to fake you into paying for their worthless, baseless ideas.

The REAL path to success begins when you start to make your own products or services, supplying all the elbow grease needed to make an enterprise grow. It wasn't until I took an overview of my efforts that I discovered that I had all the personally-generated ORIGINAL and unique products I needed right on my own hard drive to compete in the game.

And as I examined the range of items created, I realized that I wrote all that from my intimate knowledge of and experience with my craft. As a content creator, I'm always looking for faster, easier ways to generate it. Listening to complaints from writers of all stripes convinced me that I had valueable info to impart to all those on the same quest as myself.

And with four ebooks and an ecourse (all completed) under the belt, I'm even more competitive than when I was trying to hawk out-of-date products from fake gurus that worked like shit. It's almost like the sensation of walking free from prison after a long incarceration. You couldn't pay me to go back to that...

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