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NO Surrender (Ever...)

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NO Fucking Surrender...EVER (!)

Not doing it...EVER. I've been so down on the luck, I had to hit the streets hungrier than the Werewolf of London in the dark, ready to eat anything that crossed the path that even remotely smelled like prey (lol!). Predatory means yielded to quick-thinking on a second-by-second basis. OK,Tuesday? Aiight, Garbage Day. That shit kept a crabbin' ass crabbin' (lol!). Then (as now), I still almost never believe what I manage to get my hands on that people think that their cast-offs aren't on some order of insanely amazing. Having amassed an encyclopedic knowledge of just what was valuable in which spectrum, I relied on this very knowledge to keep me from desperate starvation-level meltdowns. And, ironically, it's always been INFORMATION that's the foundation of my continued existence. It's not like I haven't known this forever.

And at this point, it's really all I can depend on besides my raw (legal) hustling skills. At base, it's really information that's the evergreen profit factor. Whether it's tutorials, resource URL lists, or any other form of information codification, someone always needs some information about SOMETHING important to them. Whether it be a solution for personal discomfort or something more fundamental, as long as it can be crystalized, there will be a receptive audience. It just comes down to finding that audience that'll pay consistently for those solutions. The only drawback is the amount of preparation; the weeding of pure info resourcing so that all elements are extant and the end-user consumption is as painless an affair as possible. As a multi-billion dollar niche, it's pretty impossible NOT to get a piece of the pie if your shit is tight. Been on fifteen years of it.


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