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Content Marketplace Rocket Science

With as many choices, methods, techniques, and approaches that exist on the subject, invariably, time and again, many newcomers to the content game always parrot the same question; "Where do I sell either my personal goods or services to actually turn a profit on my writing ability?!?". Maybe not that succinctly-detailed, but you get the idea. And it's a question that will be continued to be asked since there's no inclination to search out publicly-indexed troves of information and as readily available as your search engine of choice. You have to know your skills, strengths, and tools to be able to gauge your net market worth. The following is the result of a curated indexation from the resources mentioned previously, of a broad cross-section of the different categorical typologies extant currently as representatives of the content marketplace profit paradigm;

    Generalized Marketplaces:
  • Digitalpoint Marketplace - (Content, Content Services, SEO Services)

  • Publishing Sites:
  • - (Create, publish and sell your book for free)
    Blurb - (Create, print, and sell professional-quality photo books, magazines, trade books, and ebooks)
    Blurb Blog Books - (Turn Blog Content Into Books)

  • Creatives/Artistes Sites:
  • DeviantArt - (All types of infographic, and other art images)
    MyFolio - (Art-Sharing Network)
    Imagekind - (Prints, Posters, Canvas & Framed Wall Art from Independent Artists)
    Yessy Art Gallery - (Buy & Sell Art)

  • Hobby & Craft Sites:
  • Etsy - (Custom-Made Art & Physical Goods)
    Bonanza - (Custom-Made Art & Physical Goods)
    ArtFire - (Premier handmade marketplace to buy & sell handmade crafts, supplies, vintage and art)
    Shopleaf - (Providing unique, hand crafted pieces of art to adorn ones body)

  • Microjob Sites:
  • Fiverr - (Code, Content, Software, Web/Social/SEO Services)
    Wordclerks - (Content, Software, Social/SEO Services)
    CodeClerks - (Code, Content, Software, Web/Social/SEO Services)
    SEOClerks - (Code, Content, Software, Web/Social/SEO Services)
    ListingDock - (Code, Content, Software, Web/Social/SEO Services)
    aDollarSEO - (Thousands of TOP Selling $1 Dollar SEO Gigs)
    SEOClerX - (TOP Gigs from Most Reputable SEO Professionals)
    CEOClerks - (INSTANT DOWNLOADS: PLR's, Email Lists, eBooks, & Digital Goods)
    SEMClerks - (100% GUARANTEED SEM and SEO Services)
    Tenrr - (Code, Content, Software, Web/Social/SEO Services)
    Do Jobs Online - (Code, Content, Software, Web/Social/SEO Services)
    GIGBUCK$ - (Code, Content, Software, Web/Social/SEO Services)
    Damongo Jobs - (Code, Content, Software, Web/Social/SEO Services)


  • eCommerce Shopping Cart Sites:
  • JVZoo - (Digital Downloads, and code)
    E-Junkie - (Digital Downloads, code, and physical goods)
    Payloadz - (Digital Downloads, and code)
    Gumroad - (Sell music, comics, software, books, and films)

  • Specialized Marketplaces:
  • iAmplify - (Article/Video Tutorial Content on Fitness, Yoga, Nutrition, and Self-Help)

  • Auction Marketplaces:
  • eBay - (Buy and sell electronics, cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, digital cameras, baby items, coupons, and everything else)

  • Auction Marketplaces:
  • Themeforest - (Premium WordPress themes & website templates)

  • Video Content:
  • Udemy - (Tutorial Video & eCourse Content)

Since (I hope) y'all know that the search engines are friendly, it's time to kick bricks and surf the query pool to find more examples based on the previously-mentioned examples as there are (definitely) tens of other under those categorical classifications. It's worth it to you as either a content creator or freelancer as the more places you have your inventory in, the better of a chance that you have to actually sell that inventory. I hope that this makes your task a little easier in the sales game department.

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