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Best ACTIVE Safelist Advertising Site Ever!

I hadn't really used this resource in quite awhile since I registered for it a few years ago. But, in retrospect of recent usage, I can't believe I hadn't started using it from when I signed up. Bweeble bills itself as "The Future Of Social Email Marketing™", and they've certainly figured out how to maintain a healthy, ACTIVE community. In fact, just in my run on credit accumulation in the last 2 days has been the signal for me
Credit Run #1
It seemed like the more I clicked on my email credit mails, I'd be bombarded with free credits at certain intervals. But with a little twist. You had about 15 seconds to claim the bonus credits, so, if you were just opening the maximum amount of windows to just credit dump to your account, you'll miss quite a few of these. Which is a definite incentive to slow down and check some of the offers coming across your eyeballs. I'm usually not interested in any of the sales messages, but I managed to spot two future resources in my site surfing.

Credit Email Reservoir
And with the credit email queue being shunted right into its' own desinated folder, everything is kept at a manageble clip. I am genuinely excited to keep using Bweeble as an email marketing resource as I firmly believe that I'll actually clock some dough out of this whole affair (lol!). Although, that remains to be seen with my level of effort invested in this enterprise.

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