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How To Raise Your Sellers' Profile On Microjob Sites

Saying that competition is stiff at most #microjobs sites is pretty much a non-starter of a conversation topic. Who, more so than anyone else, should know this better than the freelancing denizens of the niche itself? This being said, I'm always struck by cacophonously-shrieky fits of uncontrollable laughter, when those in that #Entrepreneurial class start kvetching ruthlessly like boiled chickens attempting to abscond from a cauldron.
Did anyone ever say this freelancing shite was going to be easy?!? Then y'all may well just find a job offline and stick your face in the ass of the person in front of you on the Office Ladder (lol!). I can't BELIEVE some of the pieces of non-logic that come outta the mouths of some of these people.

First off, it seems like no one realises that most microjob forums are publicly-accessible. If I were a potential Buyer, the FIRST thing I'd do is scope-lurk the forums to see where the real talent lay. This is the key to building your ability to profit in the microjobs niche. As the forum is the place the community mingles, what better place to show and prove? The majority of the so-called freelancers don't even bother to tap into the enormous power potential of the community forum.

I pulled a personal experiment this week on Fiverr, where I posted 3 new gigs and then did a mini-posting forum session as I'd never been there before. With my penchant for magazine-quality content, I obviously made a dent somewhere, because shortly after, my analytics were all in the green;

The reason I picked sites like Fiverr and SEOClerks was because they have active communities around them. Generating content within those forums will raise your site profile amongst other members, and lurky Buyers. Don't forget to cross-pollinate: every forum post can be shared in the social realm, so get busy!


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