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Make MORE Money Online With ADF.LY!

URL shorteners are a niche where site owners pay onlline marketers and other types to shorten links with the sites' URL in place of the original. With only 5-to-7 of the hundreds that exist currently actually taking a large portion of market share, ADF.LY is indeed the largest of the players on this field. Extant for at least the last five years, ADF.LY is the URL shortener of choice for many, many marketers and seems to only be growing in popularity.

ADF.LY front page
As you can see by the snazzy front page, ADF.LY has got it all together presentationally, and with examination of their forum, you can tell they have a very active, responsive community frequenting the resource.

The problem for me was not how to generate links that inspired traffic, but how to scale up my efforts so that those piddling little amounts per unique IP address clicks added up.

THIS is my personal solution that I crafted after pointed examination of the whole process. The original version of this (found during one of my various troll missions) was pathetically weak and lazy (although, TECHNICALLY it did work, as tested), and posed significant hazards to your PC as the method of delivery of the ADF.LY links with freeware that I wouldn't trust for all the money in the niche.

After some consideration, and because my version of this technique worked theoretically (as well as physically), I've decided to give it away. As a simple, 11-page PDF tutorial, there's nothing to buy and you can get this process setup in less than 30 minutes and exponentially scale out to your hearts' desire. NOTE: NOT FOR THE LAZY...

In fact, I'd be remiss if I didn't give some visual proof that this technique works as efficiently as described.
1st Method Measurement
The above image was captured on the day I wrote my version of this technique. The image below is captured today, as I'm writing this article for reader comparison and consideration;
2nd Method Measurement
Just in a matter of THREE DAYS, I had four people click my ADF.LY links - to be fair, I'm just starting to ratchet up the technique as I wrote it in the 11-page PDF tutorial and am giving away as far and wide as possible. I ALREADY knew this technique worked, which is why I chose to give it away, rather than sell it. Instead of flapping gums, I'm putting in work...

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