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Stop Giving Away Your Time And Energy

You didn't start trying to break into making money online just to score another job. But that's what seems to keep happening to people as they search for legitimate ways to accomplish the venerated hype of the "laptop lifestyle" sold to them by every Tom, Dick, and Harry fast-cash program online promoters. Whether it's the latest, flashy website with images of dollar bills swirling around excited fakers, or the promises of being paid to do things that you'd be doing everyday. These sites and hypes have one thing in common; they need YOU to survive. A common, ugly fact is that ninety-nine percent of all these sites are doomed from the start and positioned to make no one else money except the initiator(s) of said certain-to-fail site.

Notice the promotional tone of these sites and you'll pickup a clue to their inherent operational flaw. There's always an undercurrent of franticness about the need to get in before all the spots are taken and the primary bribe-train closes its' door and takes off. Having to depend on the success of your sites exclusively on the backs of affiliates (who may or may not pay into the system for added features) means you'll be out-of-business soon. Trying to browbeat members into bringing in more members is useless in this day and age of Social, and also, if the program or product isn't helping pay the members, all ears connected will register the screams of discontent.

Yet, there are still tons of these unscrupulous sites jerking people out of their dreams. What you need to do is to stop giving away your time and energy to contributing to the success of others (who actually have more funds than you do, but shrewdly prevent you from getting paid by all sorts of conditions) and concentrate on developing products and services of your own that you work to promote and sell to those looking for what you have to offer. Only use affiliateship-type resources when and where they dovetail with your personal campaigns and provide you a way to lockdown your mission needs. It's time to get a little bit more selfish as you have to eat everyday, so why help anyone else buy lunch?

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