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Narrowing The Focus

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Narrowing The Focus

I'm on the last of the last of a training exercise that ends late october or so. For the last few weeks, I've been testing the strength of promotional campaigns - mainly on Twitter - designed to test the real parameters of #SocialTrafficGeneration. MWAH, MWAAAHHH! Didn't do so well for me

I was only needing 10 more people before I was able to access the tool I was stumping for. But then, I realized that I was doing it small. NOT wrong. These days, you'll have to cast your nets far and wide in order to generate sufficient #Traffic for even the juiciest of offers. Only after I'd been hustling a bit with my #Microjobs income stream did I get it.

As I have a Google+ social account, I decided to also use my current relevant product offering

It's going to take a while to seep into the chosen list of communities I have in my current sale list, and I'm looking for a wave of server-crushing, laser-targeted BUYER traffic just before Thanksgiving (lol!).

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