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Return To An Attempt At Market Ascension

After a harrowing start (pun intended - left off a session_start() in the publishing sections of the articles and blogs), I'm now able to reflect on what the future of the directory is slated to be. Right now, in the process of determining the promotional effectiveness of some outside-the-box advertising alternatives.

This wasn't just a simple physical upgrade; I basically altered the core of my personal CMS to incorporate custom coding that helped the site domain take a facelift of a step-up. I haven't done the Social Media butt-trumpet, and I'm going slow on posting promotional materials (a few safelist banners here and there). Will be busy throwing quality content down the tubes and building up the up-front site value online.It's best to just concentrate on that aspect whilst making quality moves in the background. Only time will tell, but right now it's bowing in quietly...

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