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Muh'fucka Gittin' Heated...

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Muh'fucka Gittin' Heated Up In Heah...

And I ain' talkin' 'bout takin' off no clothes, baby (lol!). I'm 'bout redder than a prized Boston-lobster. It's not so much that I didn't get any response to my one-time-offer. It's more I'm ripshit from spending so much time crafting up the damn thing, and then I got diddley-bupkus from it all. 3 weeks of searching for the right mix of products to serve an over all theme, the rewrite of the salespage copy and imaging, and so on, and so on. I don't regret going through with it as I have a ready-made product that'll snag list members in the right arena. But, it was such a good deal that got bypassed, that I'm starting to see that the current marketing arena is yielding less and less fruit. It could entirely possible that I'm utilizing the wrong process in going about the whole process.

It's really starting to get up in my ass that I'm not getting the traction I should be for the effort I'm putting in. It's about time to be hitting the books again and narrowing my field of focus so I can start that all important regularized first ibncome stream. I've already built a decent library based on elements of 4 or 5 core focii. It's time to scale back all attempted #Marketing efforts to concentrate on how to leverage my Domain/Sub-domain VRE.

Despite this latest setback, I'm finding a way to gain some motivation and redouble my efforts. Right now, as I've managed to crack #Fiverr, I'm drilling down into the range of possible products and services that I can provide for the least effort and the most #profit. My current PLR spintax gig was what broke it open for me, but now it's been 2 months since that gig (just got PayPalâ„¢ account connected for withdrawing those funds that JUST cleared), and I need to start back into that and expanding to the other microjob network sites I have accounts with. :SIGH: Gotta dig in some MO'...


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