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MMO With Freebies!
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This is the second #eCourse facility I've built off this script, which I found on Github a few years back (still being up to snuff security-wise). I love it because it has all the built-in conveniences that you need when trying to run a membership-driven "learning center". Extensible as the day is long, I've already built several code modules into the original script, having familiarized myself with the complete overview of the codebase. In fact, even as simple as it all is, it's still pretty complexly-nested and it took a pass or two for me to figure out where to insert my modifications.

On the initial poke-around, I managed to figure out how to trap off the registration page and send any attempted access to the gated paywall. I'm in love with this script and my ideas on customizing it are as boundless as wind. To REALLY do it up, I'm going to need to reverse-engineer the codebase and extract my target modules for replication into another Frankensteined-out, zip-jerry-rig on a futura-dev mission coming up soon.
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COMPLETELY thrilled with the progress I've managed to make in separate (yet, similar) projects involvong this script. How I ascertain what the good tools are is by the of customizing them so thoroughly that they almost become mine by extension of effort. This is getting maxed out and spun off for other eCourse/eCommerce projects...

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