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I smell burnt ass and attitude somewhere (lol!). I wish I could remember who was in the top organic spot before I got there, because there's no joy in that camp now. I never foresaw this, even in my wildest of fantasies. Just walk on into YouTubeâ„¢, post a 33-second promotional video, and then less than twenty minutes later walk out with the #1 organic search position and ranking fifth video for the long-tail in the site search engine - and this is TWO DAYS AGO?!?!?

I optimized the crap outta that pup before I turned it loose. In fact, I spent the most time optimizing it before the keyword research as I needed it to be spot on. It's not the first product I've launched, but it is the most important. As a content generation freelancer, that part of my life helps to shape and color almost all of my other for-profit efforts as it's my bread-and-butter.

It actually germinated about two months ago in a conversation between myself and another freelancer @ Fiverrâ„¢. They were particularly keen on two things; 1) whittling their gig queue down manageably (they're a busy, working freelancer), and 2) getting their gigs to the front page of the site. A microcosmic struggle mirrored in the greater daily struggles for millions of freelancers and entrepreneurs in the omnipresent rankings shuffle. I believe that upping the quality of the video, as well as liberally applying optimization techniques had a lot to do with the final rankings.

But ELEVEN MINUTES?!?!? It's about the time from when I pushed the "PUBLISH button to when I got up the nerve to actually check stats on both search engines. In a state of shock, I kept telling myself that it had to be some kind of mistake. Two days down the line, and I see it was NO mistake;
Current YouTube video ranking status
The video is now ranked in the #3 position as of today (jumping two places from #5 two days ago), and I'm starting to get views from not me (lol!). Unlike when this last happened to me a few years ago, I obsessively pored over and recorded even the tiniest of moves so as to recreate this feat AT-WILL. 'Tis most gratifying for a personally-generated #InfoProduct to get off to a raging start like this, and it lets me know that this is just the beginning. Even though I beat out 496 MILLION search results to come out on top, I still need to get more content and video out there and really create the buyer traffic I need for this to become more of a success.

Current Fiverr gig this PDF is sold through

I don't know whether to laugh or snarl. I've re-adjusted the title with the winning long-tail, but I've pretty much written Fiverrâ„¢ off as one of the crappiest #microjobs sites online currently and don't expect to see anyone beating down my door since they'd rather scream and cry in the forum about how much work they don't get.

It's a little thing as I'm going to be particularly nonchalant about it. Time to reactivate some old haunts that I know this is desperately needed within. I'll not waste time and energy bitching about a pointless destination as I'm facing the mammoth prospect of getting the sales ball rolling despite this good a showing early on.

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