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Social Locker Pwnage

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Social Locker Pwnage

If you think you're going to increase your #SocialEngagement metrics and brand popularity by utilizing the resource imaged above, you've been taking a long, slow ride on a dead horse. In fact, it hasn't ever worked and it'll never ever be taken seriously by any digital slickster.

Above is an image of the typical usage of this uselessness on the site of some yob marketer who's too busy to realize his #SocialMission just got violated like the New Fish in the cellblock showers first night in. For anyone who knows about the simple task of "View Page Source", it's Match, Set, GAME...

If you're one of the millions of #marketers or digital #Entrepreneurs relying on this tactic, y'all better step yer game up. It's as easy as, "Can I has teh ch33z3burgga, now?"

THIS is why 97% of #marketers keep losing the thread. If they had some #WebDevelopment experience, it would've been the FIRST thing to think of in viewing the HTML page source to see if anything compromising showed up there. BUT, the saddest thing about all this is it's been known forever since the inception of the widget. It's like a free-for-all shopping buffet courtesy of AddThisâ„¢ - THANKS, PEOPLE!!!!!(lol!).


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