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Tumblr Is As Useful As Breasts On A Man

Unholy sheepshit, I KNOW I'm no idiot, but what I went through in the last six hours trying to make a first post to Tumblr failed miserably over THREE BROWSERS and TWENTY-FIVE ATTEMPTS! I just don't know what happened. But, after the last try on FireFox (Chrome & IE having been tried before), I was able to post, then decided to make a small edit, then saved, and then everything disappeared COMPLETELY. About my twenty-second time, I decided to document everything as I wanted it to be seen by a reader, and to safeguard against the fact that I wasn't going to lose my mind and content that I'd worked furiously on. SO glad I did that, otherwise I'd be a quivering mass of tears-oozing jelly right now (lol!). The only thing that fucks my mind about the situation is the fact that Yahoo owns both Tumblr AND Flickr, and my Flickr account has no probs in ANY browser. WTF is THAT all about? No matter - I just won't ever be using Tumblr against under any circumstances.

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