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Where Do We Go From Here (Spending Money On...)

I just came to the realization the other day that I've been living a Specials song lyric for the last 15 years

"Is this the in place to be?/
What am I doing here?/
Spending money on.../
I don't work because I don't have to/
I don't have to work, there's no work to do..."

Worked out well that I was able to leverage the institutionalized xenophobia into a profitable personal sideline, and unencumbered by anyones' #political machinations.

Because I knew what I was walking into, I already had a plan of evasive action already on tap. If I was going to have to know another language to work, it damn sure wasn't going to be of any HUMAN variety (lol!). No, #WebDevelopment was going to function as the escape hatch (bolstered by #ContentMarketing, of course).

Because I was willing to throw my self into the void and not worry about landing, I'm now approaching the apex summit of my journey which plateaus to my next level. But I'm a little conflicted as I have a number of different directions to go in, but would like to keep all vehicles light and fast. I know for certain it's time to acquire another domain to branch offshoot interests into. Will just keep heading this way.


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