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Correct PDF Formatting Of A Word Document

Why is it always the case these days that trying to convert a Word document to PDF is like pulling teeth? I was going shithouse-rat crazy as I could never get my ebooks to either print out physically correctly or convert to PDF page-for-page as it was laid out. Prior to this, I was under the impression that a dedicated program was needed to create PDFs. Using 7PDF;

I could never get the formatting I needed, as I was busy getting okey-doked whatever I did

I felt like such an idiot when I accidently stumbled on how to automatically, and CORRECTLY format Word documents for PDF conversion. Also on my machine (which you can get for free) was Foxit, which came pre-installed on my Windows 10 box. Here I was just reading ebooks with it when I used it for an intuitive experiment. I decided to see if I could open a Word document in the Foxit application without anything else open. On the navigation is an option to open any PDF on the machine. Select this option, then use the drop-down menu to select the "All Files" option;

This shows all the files and will allow you to select your target Word document. Then click the option to save (the purplish floppy-disc icon), and the file is AUTOMAGICALLY converted, correct PDF formatting, and all!

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