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Recycling Previously-Used PLR Content

Standard re-useage of previously-published Private Label Rights materials are downright almost dumb these days, with every stutterer and their mother slpils-splashing poo-smelling content rehashes all about Social Media as if it were their own personal catbox and they were on a tear, stinkin' up the inside of it. Of course, this is only to YOUR benefit as you re-create using magazine-level quality writing. The advice is to get yourself a #ContentMarketing automation software application on the level of an industry-standard;

Wordflood 2.0 is your best bet for #PLR content transformation as it's heavy-duty dictionary allows you to add even more synonyms than already provided for you. Above is the main dashboard view where all the action takes place with a very user-friendly interface. Even as simple as it looks, there are numerous power-features available as your facility with the software increases.

Pictured is another panel of the software for your settings. Even though it's a #freeware application, there are apparent attempts to both monetize it (via commercial license by the software creators), and attempted-usage as a signup device. You can skirt all this nonsense by downloading the .ee file from



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