Hazardous Waste - NegativeFX

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Hazardous Waste - NegativeFX (#BostonHC)

With an understated, comic circus lurch, they come out of the gate on rocket jettison, exhaling nitroglycerine exhaust;

"Saturday night, nothing to do"/
"Throw up again and drink your brew"/
"Before the night is halfway through, you turn into"
CHORUS: Hazardous Waste
"You went on before the show"/
The club was getting pretty full"/
"With every teenager hanging around, You turn into"
"End of the night is almost here"/
"Fight, fight, Queer"/
"Making me turn on you, You turn into"
"Now you wait outside for me"/
Yer thinkin' that there's only three"/
"When you see there's twenty-two"/
"We'll all lump you black-and-blue"

The song is only eighty-two words and sixty-five seconds long, but it's a required canon in the playlist of anyone who claims to love #BostonHC. Besides being one of my absolute favorites (one night, I listened to it back-to-back FIVE-HUNDRED TIMES, and I still love it to this day), it's one of the best songs (IMHO) from one of the best albums #BostonHC has ever produced. The Self-titled, Manson-covered eponymous freshman release from NegativeFX was pretty much like the sendoff of FatBoy from Enola Gay. Word has it that the album was only out scarcely 7 days and all of #BostonHC knew the words to all the songs. Attesting to the devastating power with which they took the scene. So insane was their initial grip, that it was to prove their undoing. From "Feel Like A Man" (now a YouTubeâ„¢ classic), to "Protestor" to "VFW", to the song in purview, this was evidence of one of the greatest American Hardcore bands that was ever able to leave an everlasting scar of a mark.

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