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Using Newsletters to Promote Your Brand and VRE

Your brand and #VRE (virtual real estate) hopefully have bought you a cadre of loyalists willing to sustain you with economic and moral support. Your common-sense choice is to leverage that committment in the form of a #newsletter which exposes the daily goings-on with you as well as relevant, profitable information your supporters can apply to their personal realm, whatever those interests may be.

When considering your newsletter format, you'll be well-served by spacing it for monthly or quarterly distribution to match your available content inventory. A resourceful content marketer can EASILY squirrel themselves away a years' worth (or better) of PLR articles to twist and shape into newsletter-worthy material. Obviously you want to go Neanderthal on your level of content quality and resource provision. The more "Heroin-Content" inflected it is, the more you're guaranteed to garner more supporters. Whether you choose to employ the mailout or static-site variety, you need to ensure that regular intervals of postings are established so that your members get the sense you're there for them and their concerns rather than trying to milk them for a paycheck.

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