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The NEW Style Of Promodrone

About two months ago, I began feeling like I wanted to go simpler for my domain application. All my attempts to get members to join were a complete failure. I'd never managed to get anyone except P.O.S. hackers to become members, and I wasn't about to run around and stick my face in anyones' ass just to get a bit of market traction. So, yielding to pragmatism, I decided when the time was right, I'd downsize appropriately. Now, flashback to about a month ago when I was searching for a decent application for a simple mini-storefront that required nothing more than to allow the user the chance to embed the payment processor button of their choice on a salepage that was posted like an article.

Sourceforge was my main combing grounds that culminated in an interesting find consisting of a MySQLi-based content-posting application rigged with Bootstrap. As soon as I saw it, I just fell in love visually. Clean, spare lines and the dynamic presentation of individual content result listings made it the final go-to. I actually got it working to the point that I was able to extrapolate the entire application into PDO. By the time I had hammered it into shape, I came to the realization that I could also twist the codebase into the replacement for my article directory I'd been searching for.

Didn't take more than a few days to rig up the replacement and get it settled into its' own space. Having previously tested and re-tested the new codebase, there was not even a glimmer of doubt as to any of the functionality under the hood. As the domain gets a full-fledged update, I'm tempering any notion of triumph with the sobriety of the coming workload.


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