Command-Line Lists

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Using The Command-Line Process To Create Lists

From the beginning of the Internet, there was nothing but DOS (Disc Operating System), which made things fairly easy as EVERYONE had to know a standard way to move files and folders from place to place on their PC. Then, along came the GUI (Graphical User Interface), and it all came slooshing down in a sticky ball of laziness. Let's put it like this; if your computer was unbootable from the frontside startup process, as long as you're able to get into your machine via command-line, you have half-a-chance to repair and reboot your PC normally. However, it's not as "rocket sciencey" as you'd think - observe;

Open the command line at your target folder by selecting it, and right-clicking on target folder after

Above you see the command-line window after opening it on your target folder.

Paste dir > listmyfolder.txt (or whatever you prefer as the name of your text file) into the command-line window to list all files and sub-folders (use the command dir /s >listmyfolder.txt to list the sub-folder contents as well).

Open your target folder to locate your newly-created text list. As simple as that.

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