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How To Profit From $0.00 Items

In this uncertain economic climate when people are hard-pressed to sell their personal things, what evidence is there on how to make money with $0.00 items? For one, there's everyones' favorite fallback; scrape up a bunch of high quality Private Label Rights material of the same thematic series and either market it as an eCourse or an autoresponder series. The profit in this? Besides the fact that you're building a list that you can actively market your goods and services to, you can also conspire with other list owners for ad swaps as well as leverage eZine ads for both activities and make even more money to re-invest back into your primary online revenue generation project. Don't be scared to add another level of profit though monetized image and link ads in your list advertising tactics.

Don't skimp on either the creativity or the quality of the $0.00 items you'll be leveraging to attract list members. Have all your PLR sourcing either in .txt or .docx formatting as they're easily-transformable into eBooks or any other mode of formatting you want the end result to be. Your giveaway items set the tone for how that potential list member chooses to interact with you. Make it worth their while and actually go out of your way to show them that you have the same concerns that they do. Gift them with a PLR product that you both have the right to give away and know it would be a huge score for them to be able to access a tool like that at no charge which they could apply to the health of their online revenue enterprise.

Another online generation twist is to create a new product from $0.00 items you manage to find and have permission to alter into useful derivatives that help sate some niche craving that you bring to market. My favorite thing is to find amazing items from defunct websites or projects and completely jack them into a modern incarnation whether it's content, scripting, or software. It's all fairly lucrative providing you've done the due diligence research to ensure that you don't bring a useless item to an uninterested crowd. There are countless opportunities for you to investigate how to make money with $0.00 items whether you have a long- or short-term online revenue generation strategy.

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