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How To Give Away Free Content
You're told constantly by any content marketing guru worth their salt practicing today that one of the ways to increase your reach is to syndicate your articles for public distribution. As a free traffic strategy, it's still one of the best methods for driving traffic, but it comes with flawed territories. For example, one of the largest syndicated free content sites, GoArticles, dropped a bombshell on their members by ceasing to accept any more new content and offering their author members a chance to download their content for placement elsewhere. As one of those authors, I can tell you that my response is as unprintable now as when I first read the notice. I understood that it was just the Panda/Hummingbird updates that Googleâ„¢ rolled out to clear search listings of inferior, subject-less content. Most of the bigger (and more Pageranked) article syndication directories took the hit, but were able to recover due to a high percentage of high-quality content in their inventory coffers. Authors who were able to count a number of these types of articles as personal inventory remained unscathed. What about those, like myself, who weren't so lucky?

Although not on the Shakespearean level, I put time and effort into those articles to imbue them with an originality that sufficed for the topics investigated. Whether flat-out product promotion or OP-ED pieces, they were over 450 words, without grammatical error, and as logical as possible. There isn't an option to destroy them as they could be repurposed into current content, or re-written for sale on a microjob site or two. But it still begs the question of where to distribute them after alteration since article syndication directories aren't packing the Pagerank punch they did once upon a time. The answer is quite simple and has been heating up as a current solution to author woes on this front.

The idea of the document repository isn't a new one, but presents a robust arena for anyone looking to establish themselves as an expert in their given niche arena. Possessed of high-Pagerank and even higher daily traffic stats, document repositories present constant ORGANIC traffic with the potential for laser-targeted focus on visitor conversion rates when done correctly. Sites like Scribd (PR8), and Issuu (PR9) are powerhouses that help pre-qualify all clickthrough traffic coming to you by forcing content placement under their appropriate headings. With topics ranging from Science to Sport, it's a sure bet that your repurposed content is of use to someone. And with a high rate of content usefulness, this ensures you'll generate pre-qualified BUYERS to your site rather than incessant tire-kickers. One sure-fire way to benefit is to complete your contibutor profile as you're assured a linkback to your main site or domain for a whopping dose of link juice. Try it today and see that your Pagerank and visitor traffic will only go up.

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