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How To Profit From Advertising on Your Blog or Website

Folks, it's not really rocket science. If you have a website or blog, then you have what's known as "Virtual Real Estate (VRE)". For the longest time, Adsenseâ„¢ was virtually the only game in town as far as ad publishers willing to pay across-the-board to webmasters and admins regardless of site content (except adult/xxx, of course) or traffic level of that site.

When it comes to ad space purchases, most business owners won't want to place ads where there is no ROI, i.e. NO TRAFFIC. This is where SEO methods are usually employed to increase site traffic and ad click-throughs. And where there are large amounts of pairs of eyes, the advertising rates seem to be out of touch only to the most pricey of consumers.

So, what are you supposed to do if you're not Facebookâ„¢, Googleâ„¢, or any of the other top million-or-so sites online commanding hefty sums for ad space? You start looking for both direct and indirect ways to turn up some cash from your ownership of a VRE (or number of). Here are a number of ways to do so. It's up to you to put in the work to benefit, but think of it as you building "streams" of income that deepen and widen the more effort you invest in it.

Blog/Website Advertising Networks
PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
Google Adsense

CPM (Cost-Per-Mille)
Casale Media
Matomy SEO

Text Links

Commission Junction



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