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Using Information To Sell eProducts

What are the necessary informational elements need when drafting salescopy on your personal eProduct? Features and benefits. Both differing sides of the same coin, the two aspects help to frame up a complete picture of the eProduct being sold. Features are like the "bling" element, where slick, flashy additions help the add dazzle factor to the eye of the reader. It's more about getting them excited about the various uses that the features help enable. But it's the benefits that most readers are concerned with and are the pivotal factor in the decision on the behalf of the reader whether or not to purchase. Benefits address the relevancy of the eProduct to the reader. Why would they need to buy this from YOU - someone they don't even know?

This is why features should always take a back seat to the benefits in all salescopy construction. Features are really only the icing on the cake, designed to enhance the mental visuals of wooing a potential customer to commit to the clickthrough of the purchase button. The benefits far outweigh the features and provide the salve that the reader desires on their problem burn. Illustrating, point-by-point, how the eProduct in question is going to provide solutions to the most common difficulties felt over large swaths of differing people, is what determines the make it or break it in the minds of the potential purchaser. This is precisely what you have to give them; information. One of the very drivers of search traffic currently.

Ensure all relevant details within your benefits descriptions are measured, playing up only the true aspects of what the eProduct has to offer by way of problem-solving. Any focus on the money-making aspect of it is more suited towards the features category. If you have to, chase down pages of those doing better than yours to see just how exactly the balance between features and benefits plays out there. It's a truism that people usually buy based on the number of overall benefits of an eProduct. Use references to benefits sparingly, and when necessary. Don't blow all your flash on what essentially are just good-looking talking points. What is it that your eProduct can do for the reader? You have to use infomation, by way of benefits description, to sell it.

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