Generate Organic Traffic

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How To Generate Organic Traffic
How To Generate Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the key to the quality of website visitor conversion and a pillar tenet of the SEO industry. The following article will provide examples of, and listings for resources considered to be organic traffic generators. If you listen to the SEO people, it's as easy as jumping through hoops of flame while smeared with cooking oil. What EXACTLY is organic traffic and how does it relate to the success or failure of your website? It's visitors sent to your VRE (virtual real estate) from the search engines via a particular keyword or longtail keyword phrase search query. Quite simple really. Those visitors are going to, more or less, be looking for something you have to offer. If you put in a little foundational work, you can generate as much as you want. Your organic traffic sources are going to be from one of the following of site classification types of site submission targets;

These kinds of sites represent potent sources of organic traffic that will keep feeding your destination URL as long as those sites are online. The article content and links filter into the search engines as they visit these types of sites ultra-frequently because search engine robots are always attracted to sources of constantly-fresh content. When your postings are in demand in the directories, these content pieces are then ranked highly in the search engine indexing according to the content keyword targets. You also have to submit in (high-quality) bulk to get a leg up on your targeted phrases.

One aspect of content submission that almost no one takes into consideration is the presentational structure of the content itself. How much more effective do you think the content that you're using to laser-target buyer traffic is laced with simple HTML/CSS to make it stand out to the eye of the viewer? Make it easy for someone who's reading your content to invest themselves in it so you get the anticipated result of reader click through to your target URL destination. It's up to what the publishing mechanism of each individual website will accord you. Some sites are set only to allow the minimum HTML/CSS to cut down on abusive browser attack vectoring, while others let you go hog-wild (hopefully employing resources like HTML Purifier in the background) and light up your posted content like an Xmas tree.

Another ignored aspect of content submission is the keyword research process. Finding long-tail keyword phrases with the least competition and most searches is your rule of thumb and you'll need to have access to tools that give you both the analytical and real-time overview you need to dodge and outrun any potential competition in this respect. There's an excellent grouping of keyword research applications online;

A bottom-line assessment on how to pre-qualify the profitability of your long-tail keyword phrase targets is to go by the hard and fast rule that if plugged into a search engine and the result returns anything under ten thousand results with the presence of on-page paid advertising, those are high-paying keyword phrases to structure content around as it'll be attractive of the buyer (and not tire-kickers).

The key to success in this pursuit is to scope out an initial list of fifty to one-hundred directories (of all types) for the keywords or keyword phrases that you're comfortable targeting. If those are listed, see if you can drill down into the phrasing to come up with untapped examples to avoid open head-to-head competition as you'd like to corner an original keyword phrase that is potentially-profitable with application of marketing to the correct online niche. The beauty of this approach is that you have fifty to one-hundred anchored links to the VRE of your choice and they'll be generating organic traffic for you as long as the resident directory keeps existing. As there is a rate of turnover in this niche, check all Alexaâ„¢ ranking for your first directory submission batch to be sure.

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