Make Competition Disappear

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How To Make Your Competition Disappear
This is what your competition resembles in the first place

Often times, authors and publishers find themselves feeling overwhelmed by just how much-perceived competition there is within the content marketing niche, but, the following article is an estimation of how you as a content practitioner can pull moves to make the (so-called) competition just disappear. As a content practitioner, you're matching wits against hundreds of thousands of others vying for the same coveted first-page position in the search engines. All in varying degrees going for it as hard as their skill level will allow them. But, even with the knowledge of being a pittance against crushing numbers like this, you are relatively safe as you have NO competition. What do I mean by this?

If you're of a self-respecting hustler status, then you'll find a way to blaze trails the rest of the so-called competition couldn't even see. And even after it's shown to them, they'd have no means to navigate it anyway. Case in point, concerning the fundamental aspects of content presentation and publishing. I'm always amazed at the fact that even with all the documentation of how to dress up your article content with HTML/CSS there is floating around, so many authors and publishers choose not to employ it over the range of differing content submission destinations.

Whether it be forums, article directories, free content reprint sites, or what have you, people absolutely never take mind of the fact that they're allowed usage of this formatting in order to make their postings stand out to the eyes of a reader. Ever since I noticed this trend, I've been using it to my advantage. For example, I love and am pretty fluent in BBCode, the choice of many forums, and always make any post involving it extra-ornate to stand out from all the other posts on the page. And I do it time and again with not even a formatting challenge response from any of the other posters, even on a highly-trafficked thread!

I just don't know what it is. I know people are busy and all, but the chance for you to stand out from a crowd of competitors is an edge that's easily-attainable. I mean, if you had formatting options available to you that could make your high-quality posts stand out in the eyes of readers (who are also, by dint of them reading your content, potential customers as well), why wouldn't you make use of them? All I could really chalk it up to is sheer laziness in this day and age of the knowledge that in 2017 people are still not pursuing this option.

With the sheer volume of content generated daily across the Internet, this is a, sadly, ignored aspect of content marketing and publishing. And also one of the last few areas that an enterprising author can elevate themselves amongst their peers. It's also one of the reasons that I built my content publishing site. So that HTML/CSS - proficient authors and publishers would have a place where they could go buck wild with the creativity (to a certain point, though) on their content and tart it up visually. What you really want to do is to isolate out sites with text editors (TinyMCEâ„¢ or CKEditorâ„¢ primarily) that allow you to paste in HTML/CSS templates in one shot and then preview the article structure prior to publishing. Use these options to stand out from the crowd as few do currently.

In fact, it behooves you as a content practitioner to not only become fluent in the previously-mentioned languages (being the dead-easiest in the coding ecosystem), but to start to branch out to other forms of coding that you know you'll need down the road like stactic web page construction and design, and a basic dabble-approach to dynamic websites. In my experienced opinion, dynamic sites (containing PHP/MySQL/JavaScript/jQuery) let you truly get a leg up and distance yourself from any so-called competition as a large part of the playing field isn't even attempting to‚ come here, leaving it up to third-parties to help them out in this. Incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars in man-hours and holding them hostage to the developer set. Because you have these oft-ignored skills under your belt, you really have NO competition to speak of and, ultimately, it's up to you how far your talent and imagination take you.

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