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How is it that there is such an emphasis on content being of the utmost importance these days when so much of it floating around reeks so turdishly? Most of the hackery comes in the choice of source materials that many lazy-ass writers don't stray from changing in any significant fashion before its' usage or attempted resale to other content freelancers. The key to increased rankings and a larger list or customer base has to do with the quality and originality of of the content being circulated/published. It's not forbidden to pre-build a reservoir of content, but the key to its' effectiveness is how it's made original with your unique voice and sense of style. Not everyone is blessed with the ability to whip up quality content, but you have to be at least willing to put in a little work to change those countless resell rights packages sitting on your hard drives if you want to make them work to your advantage.

One of the most common approaches is to get yourself what's known as an "article spinner", content software that either has a built-in synonym dictionary or allows you to import custom synonym lists to help craft multiple versions of the same article for commercial purposes. This is the stock-in-trade tack of the content freelancer. Supplying rewrites of pre-sourced materials or creating original material for hire, the SMART content freelancers cut their work in half by generating multiple versions of the same source text to sell to multiple customers simultaneously. By setting the spin factor to however many nested levels (from two to fifty, if you want), you guarantee yourself that many pieces of content that you can customize further to help originalize the content. This software has paid and free versions, and it's up to your need level to decide which version works best for you. Obviously, if you want to be a top-notch freelancer, you'll want to invest in something with all the features you need.

Mentioned previously, resell rights packages are the fastest (albeit the cheapest) means to an end for many content freelancers these days due the enormous amount of people buying and reselling these packages for almost pennies on the dollar. The problem with this is that there are too many people trying to sell the same thing and only those offering items at rock-bottom, cut-throat pricing and volume are the only ones to win at that game. If you're following this path, you may want to reformat the source material while making it more original; convert that .txt file (or set of files) into an e-book by adding relevant graphics and images to help jazz up your rewrite. It also helps to alter the source text anywhere from forty to seventy-five percent, and check it against content resourcing like Copyscape or any other plaigiarism detector system so you ensure high-quality is passed on to your customer(s).

You can also make an ".exe" e-book (if you have the software - also in freeware and paid versions), or create an infographic, or video, or audio track. You're only limited by your imagination and schedule in the number of ways you can effectively repurpose content quickly. If you find yourself more comfortable with manual editing, you can create "spintax" blocks to insert in all the appropriate substitution points {like this|like so|in this fashion|in this manner}, but I'd suggest automation as you want to generate as much content as quickly as possible. Large PLR (Private Label Rights) article packages give you a chance to pre-spin customize the content and actually add more value to any niche article packaging you hope to sell or use.

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