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How To Make Money Offline

When most people say, "I'm Broke!", it usually means that they don't have the extra funds for extra-curricular living. Because of the propagation of the no-brakes, celebrity-driven, acquisition-minded, drowning-in-Fessbouck-idiocy, The Jones' are even goin' broke (lol!). As conservancy seems to be a dead artform, the XBox Y-Gen slackers are in a flackload of trouble-to-come as they have to reconcile themselves with being the caretakers of both their children AND their parents. Yeh, everytime the end-of-the-month looms large in the background, I'm not too soiled diaper-y about it. Personally? My favorite hustle involves the Montreal District Walkabout. For some unknown reason, things that you'd never even think would turn up on the streets of any city, cross my journey on a daily;

Gucci Leather Explorer Hat

Mint-Condition Royal Doultonâ„¢ Santa Claus Mug

Unholy CRAP! What is this?! I almost can't get rid of the pile that accumulates on a weekly, and it helps take care of those extra emergencies before all the other needy things (bills, lol!) can cross the path. Why not plan a perfectly beautiful day to grab the largest backpack/rucksack/whatever (wheels are good too), and hit the bricks! There are untold treasures just waiting to be discovered out there. With planning, it can get even more lucrative regularly. What I do is track the garbage days in the four or five districts that I roam through. A nice pair of comfy shoes is in order since it pays to go everywhere you know of, and then start getting off the beaten path; alleys, industrial zones, anywhere you notice residential items getting dumped at. Don't stop there! There are TONS of places to get free stuff from like charity missions (where they take donations to distribute to the needy) and other philanthropic work organizations.

It's really up to what your interests are that will determine the types of things that you'll be looking for. The best form of research is to actually go to a pawn shop and start nosing around about what THEY take and value the most as an indication of the types of items to keep your eyes open for. I love it when there's an obvious house-moving situation where people decide that that old digital camera they had for the last two years is too much to carry to the new place, it winds up in my bag. Or that full box of Nintendo64 with everything you needed for your own personal arcade. Or that box with over 300 CDs that a woman begged me to take off her as her boyfriend was putting them on the street. People, I can't even make this up. Get busy, y'all...the season is upon us NOW!

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