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How To Display Hyperlinks And Images Correctly In RSS Feeds

Tired of that bland RSS feed page that seems to be the prevailing format for RSS 2.0 XML pages? Most people have no idea that they can be livened up with the addition of HTML elements controlling both hyperlinking and image display. Surprisingly easy, the process involves converting the physical characters of the HTML elements so that they both nestle within and display correctly from the XML page. Character entity references change the HTML element presentation as below;

The coding for the template is;

Character = HTML Entity Name
< = lt (Lesser-Than Sign)
> = gt (Greater-Than Sign)
apos = ' (Apostrophe Sign)
quot = " (Quotation Sign)
amp = & (Ampersand Sign)

These are character entity reference equivalents for those symbols as mandated by the specs of the XML 1.0 document standard; allowing hyperlinking and image display correctly and also allows the XML document to pass validation and present correctly-formed visual page formatting. The Unicode equivalents follow suit;
Character = Unicode code point (decimal)
< = U+003C (60)
> = U+003E (62)
apos = U+0027 (39)
quot = U+0022 (34)
amp = U+0026 (38)

To have the character entity reference equivalents display correctly from the XML page, they need to be preceeded by the ampersand sign and followed by the semi-colon sign (ie); (ampersand sign - &)(HTML entity - lt/gt/apos/quot)(semi-colon - ;). This gives you a greater degree of control in constructing the architectual elements that will help your RSS feed come alive in a potential subscribers' feed reader. For an in-color demo, please see the image below.

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