Deadly Serious Success...????

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Deadly Serious Success Manifestation‚ė†
First Page Spot Capture

The image you see above (and the next to follow) tells me that my instincts about what I was writing about in my eBook were spot on. I did a preliminary test last year and nailed first page first organic spot for "100 percent unique articles" with a video still on YouTube. It's since dipped way down, but I didn't put out any dedicated content for it besides the video. I think I captured first page spots (two) for my current keyword because of the video and blog for it;
Second View of First Page Spot(s) Capture
Not only does my Vimeo video capture 3rd organic spot (2nd for video), but my blog dedicated to the eBook and named with my principle keywords is the fifth spot on the 1st page as well. At this point, I know I'm not dealing with luck and have a full-blown personal SEO system on my hands. Now I'm hoping I don't sell any copies until I've had a chance to get more traction with the knowledge I created before I have a whole bunch of biters????.