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It's gonna be a rager...

I almost wanna come out like the Cartman pic above and just scream out of the bottom of my ass...deep breath. I KNOW I haven't even begun to lay down the kind of work that the big boys have their outsourcers do. But I'm not even going out like that. First off, as a born-Ghetto hustla (no 'er' on the streets I come from), what do I look like recompensing someone else to do what I could let automation do for me? My problem is, I haven't settled on what I'll need to be using for the mission, even though I have access to the CRAZIEST in the Social Media Management software department (Google is mah gurlfren', lol!). It's going to take a second since I want to weigh out all my vectors with each tool, and, the more I read the documentation on over fifty-percent of them, I want to run screaming from my computer and launch myself under the blankets with the cats and hide like a luddite coward.

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I just want to be able to do what I want to do without having to go through mini-rocket science camp. I mean, reallly! These things have so many bells and whistles that require a huge learning curve, and I just don't know which one is the "go-to". I'm researching as it is now, but it'll take a bit for the dust to settle, so, I'm still distilling down my next ebook with the promotional crucible that I've set myself up for to get this one the airing in front of its' correct target market; the struggling freelance writer. OF COURSE, I've gone to where they hang out, fiending for work. Putting in helpful suggestions about what they could maybe do to stop complaining about how they weren't geting any work (with the worst grammatical tensations ever) and how could anyone find any????. I mean ????, you tell me. So I know the full court press is on, including trips to the Kindle submissiomarket (oh, joy). Just a lot of boring shit I don't do, but ain't even thinkin' of outsourcing...delays, delays...nothing but delays ????.