Disappointment Is A Bitch

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Disappointment Is A Cold-Assed Bitch

Disappointment is a col'-assed bitch/Especially when you deal with cats playin' games like they was chicks
These fuckin' slackers all thinkin' they legit/But all they drawin' is flies 'cuz the games they be playin' is for shit
Don't be comin' roun' like you slingin' Big Willy dick/'Cuz muhfuckas livin' lives with mental trauma bout ta fuckin' flip
Eat you like you was daylight food, deftly chewed/Later to re-extrude, leave 'em on the gurney, masticatedly rude
Trauma yer ass like yer ridin' the bullet train/Rammin' a dose of Smokin' Suckas With Logic through your facial windowpane
A prime example, feats of weakness aligned/Like cosmic forces pre-loading your beaten, malfeasant design
Tear ya a new rectal canal/So you can accommodate twice the the fecal matter stream ejection from outta yer craw
Dance yer ass off like it was a Jazz Funeral/Dismissed and twisted outta yer worthless frame onna multilingual
Fuck you with all yer excuses/Your genetic wreckage is the most obvious portrayal of yer born, corn-fed loser ass
I could spit a hundred bars, yet it wouldn't suffice/For the sad sorry-ass fact that you were aft-born of the lice
And yer pathetic-ass attempts to bring a calm tuh mah brains/Will all dissolve astride the fact of extrication as pain... This muhfucka got me runnin' roun' mah house in circles, hol'in' A-Rs, tweakin', Common Courtesy ain't a thing tuh yuh dumb muhfuckas these days, HA?!? Nah... Give a nigga a heads up, let 'em know the time - I know how tuh fend fo' self! Muhfucka always gotta nigga waitin' for they fake-ass Ladies-In-Waiting panties. Time tuh lace up thuh track shoes and git back tuh stone-col', solo Piimpin'!! Muhfuckah...the love is done.