Danger Of Burnout

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Danger Of Burnout Upon Initialization
The Spectre of Burnout

As promotional efforts surge forth for one of my list building projects, I find that right off the bat the pace being set is going to crash soon if I don't intersperse activities that help retain a sense of focus and disciplne so I can go back to the project with renewed vigor.

It's helping to create project-related content when I grow tired of the URL submission grind. Right now, I'm qualifying a large-mouthed funnel that I'm simultaneously managing to (sneakily) monetise through a personally-generated posting network. This network was built off sites performing in the 100-to-20 thousands brackets in the trafic ratings via Alexa searches. By posting in high-traffic zones, it doesn't matter if your ads are a drop in the bucket. Someone will be looking for something that you have, so just get it out there in a disciplined fashion. I'm about halfway down my qualified post network list and I'm bored already...going to be a long day (lol!).