Jacked The Price...YAY!

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Jacked The Price...YAY, HAPPY, DAMNIT!!

Time for pricing to go up as compared to the amount of work put into the site members' area. I'm happy with the results of the upgrade. I feel like I made the homepage a lot less noisy with too many windows providing other things other than what the focus of the site is - Content Marketing. I don't think $17 is too much to pay for admission and membership to a high-quality content directory - in fact, I'm counting on the price keeping away all those but the very dedicated and talented (they're out there, and can afford it).

My problem is generating that tipping point where one goes from occasional traffic and readers to a steady stream of registrations and memberships. I have an assload of work to do in that direction (as well as all the other background noise to lower the volume on).