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Les' Git It CRACKALACKIN', Baby!

Finally getting it into gear to kick off the article directory I'd be proud to have people join. It'll be a fair few weeks before it's done nicely (since I don't want to sell myself short). Still have to build the editing bay, the user profile dashboard with an embedded (site-wide) chat widget, the personal message system, and one or two other basics that'll help distinguish this article directory from all the other unknowns.

I'm excited to be progressing steadily into this project. I'll cadge the rest of what I need off of other (working) projects I've built before. I intend it to have some niche-related bling to make up for the half-ass facilitation of manual Adsense code posting for future authors of the site. Of course I want it done faster than not, but I dont want to skimp on quality that'll be used to put distance between this project and the niche playing field it's sailing into. Lots of work still to do...