Platinum Jetpack Ignition

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Platinum Jetpack Ignition
Initial VRE Platform Takeoff

The pilot seat is buckling under the sheer gravitational velocity attained in this past six-week period. As organizational order is being rigidly-imposed, I'm now getting more of an overview of my playing field and my leverage tools held in the wings.

Looking back, I crammed a butt-load of work in as I got more ideas of how everything needed to be for my daily promotional routine. Completely changing up the subdomain, I'm way happier with this current attempt at a self-contained marketing platform. All my commercial and list-building pursuits are now under one umbrella facility.

My external VRE factors, both WordPress and Blogger, will be seeing facade update thematically once my current schedule is etched in stone for 2019.

Offline, the fortunes are growing as well, with my recent induction into the Int'l Association for Professional Writers & Editors (IAPWE for short)
IAPWE Recommendation Letter

I'm hoping that my publicity about this will help move some copies of the compilation I have for sale currently as a heavyweight resource for profiting from Content Generation.

The jetpack is fired up, and ready to generate auto-pilot MMO profits - to MY specifications.