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Partying All Over Competition Pishy
Homepage alteration #1 & 2

As you read this, the domain is undergoing a super secret update in order to meet the coming challenge of attracting paid membership. There was another scaffold that had been started to replace the current site incarnation, but it was too open-ended to be used and remains an apex development candidate after the last of the updates is completed in this project. In my estimation, the most necessary upgrade was the user dashboard functionality;
User dashboard view #1

I brought the content tool page into the user dashboard as well as other resources like classified and video ad submissions, that are posted front page for the benefit of the site membership.
User dashboard view #3
Video Upload Panel

User dashboard view #4
Classified Ad Panel & UserChat

I'm satisfied with the overall layout and functionality upgrades as they help contribute to a slimming process of the site application in general. Even though the process of trolling for membership is easier now for having undertaken this venture, there's more work to come.