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I'm not exactly looking forward into my next move, but it seems completely necessary. Seems my sub-domain facility doesn't want to function anymore, and the text editor took a crap all over the page it used to live in and just simply disappeared. Now, this part of the platform has been rendered null and void for use as something is seriously wrong in the setting s for that folder on my server.

I'm not relishing doing another technical replacement build at the moment as I'm trying to attain escape velocity for a number of projects at the moment and cannot afford to get sucked down the coder black hole at the present second. I just got a sale from one of my microjob network sites (feels real good), and I'm just about to laser-target the profitable parts of my endeavor. I'll try and keep it expressly simple whatever I do. But I need to be quick and ruthless as I don't have leeway for tinkering anytime soon.


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