Acceleration Imminent...

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Acceleration To Lightspeed Imminent

Haven't had so much as time to rest on my last accomplishments before this nagging sense is driving me on further. Now that I have the perfect foundation, I need to; 1) get the site populated with members, 2) ramp up the product cart, and, 3) start making MORE money. My content creation game is onpoint and almost predictable as I just got paid from Digitalpoint last week for a 5-pc content pack valued at $25. Have to laugh as it was both unexpected and a little annoying (lol!). Annoying because of the whiny-ass approach made by the probable purchaser.

I mean, why complain about the quality of the past freelancer to the person you're looking to buy content from? Luckily, I restrained the snark factor and ponied up a non-rippable sample (an image of the content sample with my details watermarked on). That did the trick as I never heard from them after that, and the pack was purchased a day after this little exchange. And, having come up with a fool-proof system to nab all the long-tail keyword phrase system I need at will, that income stream will only be increasing in the next few weeks. Can't wait...