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Silly Ass Rabbit...Don'choo Know Already?

So...if I can stand to ask myself the question. AM I READY? Ready for the weeks of thankless, unpaid grind to generate my first set of 500 members?
Ready for the Way of the Silent Warrior; crankin' overtime with nary a submission out amongst (regular) Social Media Channels?
It's high-time to switch it up. It's all about me, and the dead Prime Ministers. 'Bout tuh make it RAIN, Baby (lol!). Those channels aren't paying me any money, so it's time to make it on my own without blabering every second about what the fuck I'm doin'. Secret Operations (like Sun Tzu, Beezatch!) goin' down inna town, but yer late, Rudie. Have to curtail the more charitable impulses. This is all about the win. It's all been a hilarious, sick joke since Trump won (been laughing everyday - HARD, lol!). And if HE could do it, ain't a damn reason for me to be scared or second-guessing myself. No one respects the ballless. Carpe Diem with both hands, Muhfucka! It's all nice 'til you need the help and start looking to a bunch of out-both-side-of-the-mouth, fake-philanthropical wannabes fronters who disappear when the thin starts showing up. It's nice to be a nice guy, but I got bills to pay, and food to eat (and share with the family).

I noticed a long time ago that people disrespected anything free since they had to part with nothing (i.e. no efffort) for it. "yeh, yeh...", that smarmy-ass attitude whenever anything is offered on a no-strings attached basis. No more free membership sites. I don't know how they do it...well, advertising mostly (lol!). But, I see, that they only respect those who have their own best interests at heart. That's why its time for me to win. Like Master Yoda be fond tuh say;