Title: Don't Call My Line - Shadz & YS
Author: LeeDavis
Category: VIDEO
Published: 2015-09-14 05:47:43
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One of the more formidable, recent hip-hop club bangers coming out of the UK is waxed by duo Shadz & YS. I never heard of them before, but they smacked my ass so hard with that infectious, lilting opening, by the chorus, I was lookin' like a mad bobblehead. With seriously professional lighting dynamics, I was impressed with the fact that even though it was shot in the same room, the variations in lighting tones between scenes completely distracted from what could have been seen as a limitation. The incisively hilarious lyrics are light-hearted, yet impassioned, and display as much smarts as the expressively percussive backing track. As soon as this is physically available in North America, I'm just going to have to shell out for this. I can't give them five mics, 'cuz I ain't "The Source", but they're winners in my personal book of Hip-Hop...